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Ubimecs is your turn-key omni-channel commerce platform tailored for your business needs.

Why Ubimecs

Transform and expand your digital commerce business.

Increase in Revenue

Ubimecs allows you to create new revenue streams through industry-based features.

Higher Customer Engagement

Ubimecs allows your business to create customized experiences that increase customer engagement.

More Flexible

Ubimecs gives you the flexibility that your business needs form a commerce platform.

Lower Costs

A fast turn-key platform that’s customized to your business needs which lower your costs.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Drive long-term user retention with personalized experiences.

Omni-channel Commerce

Give your users the same platform experience across all channels and devices from a single source.

Ubimecs Platform

Cloud-based commerce platform with modular industry functions.

ubimecs platform

Aviation Module

Provide a seamless experience to your passengers in every step of their digital journey. Booking, flight management, ancillary products, exclusive offers, engagement and more including IATA’s NDC and One order capability.

Voice Assistants

Your passengers can search for flights and ask questions with Siri and Google Assistant.

Baggage Tracking

Allow your passengers to track their baggage with Ubimecs.

Ancillary Products

Offer more than a ticket and provide an end-to-end travel experience through ancillary services.

Campaign & Offers

Offer different scenarios of campaigns to increase customer engagement.

Omni-channel Reach

Make your product accessible in various devices like mobile, desktop, tablets, kiosks and smartwatches.

Analytics & Reports

Track all your analytics from Ubimecs’ dashboard.

Grocery Module

Transform your grocery store into 24/7 open supermarket to be reachable whenever your customers need your products. Understand your customers and shopping habits better and enable them having more personalized shopping experience with loyalty program and offers.


Offer individual and unique shopping experience.

In-store Experience

Turn your online store into your biggest store.

Pick-up or Delivery

Let your users buy from your site and get the products in-store or choose delivery.

Omni-channel Reach

Make your product accessible in various devices like mobile, desktop, tablets, kiosks and smartwatches.

Campaign Management

Use segmented campaigns & offers to get higher conversion rates.

Content Management

Create, update and manage your products, orders and users.


Ubimecs offers industry-based solutions that helps companies digital transformation. See our projects below to find out more.



More than just your standard airline ticket.



Leading grocery chain and its transformation into online store.

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