Disruption and New
Retail Experience

Bringing to the aviation and grocery industries a new way of shopping through a turn-key omnichannel commerce platform tailored
for business needs.

Industries We Serve

The way that your customers are shopping and their expectations is changing each day. Use a solution that adapts to your industry’s needs while delivering a tailored experience for your customers.

Aviation Platform

Travelers are requesting personalized and customizable shopping experience. Provide endless opportunities for generating value-added services and build customer loyalty.

Grocery Platform

Give the convenience and flexibility your shoppers need. Shopping on the go is essential. Shoppers expect to be able to buy what they want, at any time, and from any location.

Why Ubimecs

Transform and expand your digital commerce business.

Increase in Revenue

Ubimecs allows you to create new revenue streams through industry-based features.

Higher Customer Engagement

Ubimecs allows your business to create customized experiences that increase customer engagement.

More Flexible

Ubimecs gives you the flexibility that your business needs form a commerce platform.

Lower Costs

A fast turn-key platform that’s customized to your business needs which lower your costs.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Drive long-term user retention with personalized experiences.

Omni-channel Commerce

Give your users the same platform experience across all channels and devices from a single source.


Ubimecs offers industry-based solutions that helps companies digital transformation. See our projects below to find out more.



More than just your standard airline ticket.



Leading grocery chain and its transformation into online store.

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